Frequently Asked Questions

What is a patent?
Both humans and animals need to maintain “intestinal health!!” to stay healthy, so we have obtained a patent for “Intestinal Improvement Feed Additive and Feed Fermented Probiotics.”
Is it only for dogs and cats?
No. In a broader sense, it includes animals such as cattle, pigs, birds, and fish.
How should I feed it to my pet?
As mentioned on our website, the recommended amount for dogs is 2g for small dogs and 4g for large dogs. Please refer to our website for more information. The gram amounts are approximate, so slight variations are acceptable.
How much do large dogs and small dogs differ?
Adult dogs weighing 10 kg or more are generally referred to as “medium-sized” and “large,” while those weighing less are called “small.” However, there are no officially established criteria. It seems that they are often classified by body weight in general.